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Sebastien Chapel

Bijnaam Chapi, Sebi  
Geboortedatum 14-6-1999
Rugnummer 5
Positie rechts midden
Vorige clubs Royal Uccle Sport (Bel), Royal Léopold Club (Bel), Yarra Valley (Aus)
U16 European Champions with Belgium national Team (2016) U19 Indoor and outdoor National Champions with RLC (2017) Victoria League (2018)
I’m Sebastien Chapel and I come from Belgium. It is my first year in Laren and it is also the first year that I play in a Dutch competition. I’m realy excited to start with this team and this new mates, I feel already home. I’m really happy to be here and I will give the best of me for my team and the Club! I truly Thank you for the welkomming!
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H1 - hdm
zondag 28-4 thuis om 14:45 info
zondag 28-4 uit om 12:45 info
19-4 Geen jeugdtraining ivm Meivakanti...
23-4 Training JC2
23-4 Algemene Ledenvergadering Larense...
24-4 Training JC2
25-4 Training JC2

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